Thomson Dickson Consulting

TDC is an actuarial consultancy providing scheme administration, actuarial and governance services to trustees and sponsoring employers of occupational pension schemes. TDC was established in 2002 with an almost exclusive focus on providing high quality and cost-effective services to employers and trustees with small (fewer than 100 members) and medium sized (between 100 and 1,000 members) DB pension schemes. This focus has not changed since 2002 and we anticipate it will remain our focus for many years to come.

TDC operates from one office in Glasgow where all 15 employees are based. The main benefit of all our staff being based in one location is the full integration of all services we deliver for each of our clients.

We currently have around 40 ‘full service’ DB scheme clients, to which we provide all regular and standard services. In addition, we provide project or consultancy services to around 10 other clients, including both trustees and sponsoring employers.

Our clients’ schemes have memberships ranging from 20 to almost 800 members and fund sizes from £1m to £50m and the large majority of them are closed to accrual of benefits. Our clients are based throughout the UK, although predominantly in Scotland, from the private or not-for-profit sectors and from a wide variety of industries, including professional services, construction, energy, forestry and automotive.

Although we continue to attract new clients through direct ‘business to business’ contact, a large part of our growth is driven by referrals from pension professionals, who have experience of our commitment to clients and ability to deliver what we say we will, within timescales and budget. We are very proud of our client retention record.

TDC makes it easy for trustees and employers to manage their DB pension schemes